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Realtor, KW Midlothian

Whitney Mulder

Hi, I’m Whitney (some call me Whit - you can too, if you want!)and I’m currently overlooking the strewn about toys in my living room turned accidental playroom. I’m a Realtor, RVA Native, mom to two sweet souls, Celyn & Ethan as well as the sweetest little boxer nub, Harvey. You’ll usually find me working in the typical mom uniform - Hair thrown in a bun and in my running gear with endless coffees until 11:00AM - unless I have a meeting (So don’t FaceTime me before then!). My clients here in Richmond, VA know me best as the person who is going to negotiate my heart out. For me it’s the realtor equivalent of skydiving... and I’m a real estate thrill seeker!

I’m addicted to instagram interior design accounts and often find something to deep dive into; before I know it - I am int the deep abyss of the internet learning something new or glaring in awe of a new approach. My latest favorite thing to do is to pull properties in our local MLS and evaluate them as an investment.. ya, just for fun. What a dorky realtor thing to do. Even as a child, I skipped the coloring books and opted for graph paper - where I would draw floorpans just for fun, play with layout, and space. Clearly - I have found my calling as a realtor!

My favorite day is spent on the River with our kiddos followed by a good meal (preferably any kind of tacos - I love mixing up all kinds of variations always with a big side of guac) and a night by the fire wrapped in cozy blankets. Lucky for us, we live on The James River and vacation on The Rappahanock - all the water... all the time.

I’m passionate about educating people about real estate and there is nothing I love more than the friendships that form over contracts and a glass of wine. I treat my clients like friends and want to create an experience that is fun and stress free! After you are settled in your new home, champagne toast and all, I would love to take you shopping & help you design your new space (or help you throw a housewarming party)!

I can’t wait to find out more about YOU - you can reach me direct at 804.349.3264 (text is easiest or call is second best) or email me at whitney@whitneymulderrealestate.com

Keller Williams Midlothian 804-858-9000

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